Day 12: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Welcome to the world of Steven Spielberg!

Or one of his worlds.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark was the brainchild of director Steven Speilberg and executive producer George Lucas. The two Hollywood legends were vacationing in Hawaii after completing two separate projects. Spielberg mentioned he wanted to make a James Bond movie. However, Lucas had a better idea: “a modern mash-up of the best

Indy and Marion (source:

parts of the classic film serials from the ’30s and ’40s, and it featured an archaeologist adventurer named Indiana Jones, whip and all, at its center.” (

He liked it. A few years later, the world is introduced to Indy (Harrison Ford), a part-time professor, part-time explorer, part-time archaeologist, full-time nerd who can hold up his end of a fight. Then there is Marion (Karen Allen), his former girlfriend, who was so upset over their breakup that she bought a bar in Tibet. Who happens to be just as afraid of snakes as Indy. Perfect match.

“You Americans, you’re all the same. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions.”  – Toht, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 

As famed film critic Roger Ebert said in a 1981 review, It’s actually more than a movie; it’s a catalog of adventure. For locations, it ticks off the jungles of South America, the hinterlands of Tibet, the deserts of Egypt, a hidden submarine base, an isolated island, a forgotten tomb — no, make that two forgotten tombs — and an American archaeology classroom.” 


“Raiders” has stood the test of time with witty dialogue, epic chase scenes, memorable music, and visual effects that still leave us in awe today. Indiana Jones series is one of the most “fun” action comedies in the history of American film. You laugh, you cry, you even start to be just as afraid of snakes as Indy. His notorious one-liners are hard to forget, and he has the ability to get himself into trouble and back out quicker than you can say, Crocodile Dundee.

Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score is 96%, and its critics’ score is 95%, stating, “Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the most consummately entertaining adventure pictures of all time.” It was nominated for over 24 awards, including Best Director (Stephen Speilberg) and Best Picture (Frank Marshall), and won an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Sound, and Special Achievement Award Winner.

I hope you enjoy rewatching it with us during this series.

Comment below your thoughts on the film!

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2 thoughts on “Day 12: Raiders of the Lost Ark

  1. It was so much fun to watch this film again! I loved Harrison Ford in this role! The scenery was beautiful and the storyline fun! It was full of adventure and the characters were interesting ….and it had its share of snakes and skeletons…not to mention narrow escapes! I can see why it was nominated for 24 awards. That Harrison Ford! Very talented!


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