Day 2: The Crown

Pinkies up!

Our destination for today is London, England. Our main characters are the Royal Family. In season one of The Crown, Elizabeth unexpectantly becomes Queen of England II. The first season focuses on her marriage to Prince Philip, the final days of her father, King George VI, and their relationship with Winston Churchill.


Queen Elizabeth is played by the marvelous Claire Foye (The Girl in the Spider’s Web, First Man), Prince Philip is played by Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, and the talented John Lithgow (Interstellar and many many others), as Winston Churchill. Although we only have time to watch one episode if we are going to go around the world in 30 days, I highly recommend you binge-watch the entire series. As of Jan of this year, there are to be five seasons in total with the final season coming out possibly in 2022.

My name is Elizabeth.” Queen Elizabeth,  The Crown

Q,ueen Elizabeth at Waitangi, New Zealand 1953 (Source: Archives New Zealand Flickr)

This Netflix original royal drama perfectly captures the dawn of a new era for the British Monarchy. The show details the transition from the twenty-five-year-old princess to Queen, who is still reigning to this day. The Crown shows the history within the walls of Buckingham Palace as well as 10 Downing Street.

What about the historical accuracies? The Crown is almost like watching a dramatized historical account of the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth. You will find yourself grabbing your phone, looking up all of the historical events that occurred over the last sixty-plus years. According to the royal historian and political advisor to The Crown, Robert Lacey, “There’s a whole research team of ten working full time on the series so that every single episode can be based on solid history.” The series has a 90% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 89% critics score. My only critique of the series is that as each season was released I found them to be slower and slower. This could be for a number of reasons; however, I came to the conclusion that the life of the Royals tends to consist of watching things happen and responding to them, not necessarily making things happen (unless, of course, you are an American named Meg(h)an).


In all honesty, I did not know how I would feel watching an entire series based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth. I grew up in a time where there were mixed feelings about the Royals, the Queen herself mostly. I was young but I still remember hearing of Princess Diana’s tragic loss of life. I always kept up with where Prince Harry and Prince William went to college, who they were dating, and what they were doing in the military. The only thing I knew about their grandmother was that she was the Queen of England.

I now have a new respect for the Queen. She was given the job as Queen at a young age with little to no education. She was deliberate and thoughtful in every decision she made. She was obviously intelligent and brave to have carried herself so well throughout her reign. I no longer see an older Queen out of touch with today’s world: I now see a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who was just a young woman like myself given a kingdom to rule.

the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. (Source:

The Crown is a true masterpiece with phenomenal actors and a story of one woman that has lived through more history happening in the making than most anyone that has lived before her.

Try the first episode and see what you think. If you love history, if you love royalty, or if you love feeling apart of modern-day history watch The Crown, I know you will like it.

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5 thoughts on “Day 2: The Crown

  1. Although, I don’t share the fascination with the Royal Family that many do, the first episode was interesting….and it did give a new perspective on the Queen that we know today. I enjoyed the look at the Royal life and seeing the King interact with his family. I was touched when the carol era came into the Royal (castle/house) and the King became emotional. Of course, he had just found out his fate and the rest of the family didn’t know. Anyway, I will probably watch the rest of season one…the other seasons…I’m not sure, but will decide as I go! Thanks, Meg! I enjoyed my visit to England!


    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the series! The scene where the King was emotional touched me as well. It even touched me more this time watching than the first time I had (possibly the times we are living in?). Thanks for coming on my trip with me. I highly recommend watching the rest of the series, just for the history of it is interesting to me.


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