30 Days of Travel Through Cinema

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“I love it when you go to see something, and you enter as an individual, and you leave as a group. Because you have all been bound together by the same experience.” Tom Hiddleston is right: film unites us all. Regardless of where we are or what we are doing. However, for the next 30 days, the majority of the world will be sitting on their sofas, albeit the brave souls who still have to work during this time. How will we travel to far off destinations when, in reality, we can only go to the fridge and back?

We watch films. They have the ability for us to escape reality and to see something that inspires us. I am asking you to join me for the next 30 days to be an armchair traveler with me. I have put together a list of my favorite movies that have inspired me to travel or have impacted the film industry between cultures. A couple of films on my list I have not seen but have been recommended by my international friends.

Here is how it will work: every day in April, I have picked a movie for us to watch. Every day I will post an article about each film, including the history of it, the importance it has to the film industry, and my review of the film. For several of the movies, I will have guests co-write the post to provide a more well-rounded perspective.

April 1 //  All the President’s Men (District of Columbia)

April 2 //   The Crown (England)

April 3 // The Dish (Australia)

April 4 // Giant  (Texas)

April 5 // The Godfather (New York City)

April 6 // When Harry Met Sally(New York City)

April 7 // The Hundred-Foot Journey (France/ India)

April 8 // Midnight in Paris (Paris)

April 9 // The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (New England/ Russian film relations)

April 10 // Thelma & Louise (the West, Grand Canyon)

April 11 // Once Upon a Time in Hollywood(Old Hollywood)

April 12 // Raiders of the Lost Ark (France and Tunisia)

April 13 // Hunt for the Wilderpeople (New Zealand)

April 14 // Out of Africa (Kenya)

April 15 // North by Northwest (Mt. Rushmore, U.N. headquarters)

April 16 // Rocky (Philadephia)

April 17 // The Way (Spain)

April 18 // Lost in Translation (Tokyo)

April 19 //The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Iceland, Greenland, Himalayas)

April 20 // To Catch a Thief (Nice, Cannes)

April 21 // Roman Holiday(Rome)

April 22 // Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Budapest, Prague, Dubai, Bangalore)

April 23 //If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (London, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy)

April 24 // Up in the Air (Everywhere)

April 25 // Fly Away Home (Canada)

April 26 // Crazy Rich Asians (Singapore)

April 27 // Steel Magnolias (the American South)

April 28 // Eat Drink Man Woman (China)

April 29 // Braveheart(Scottish history/ filmed in Ireland)

April 30 // Walk Don’t Run (Tokyo) 

Join me on this journey through cinematic history. Movies are a great way to get through difficult and trying times, and it is always better with friends. Please sign up with your email to get the daily review directly in your inbox.

I am looking forward to the next 30 days of traveling around the world through the cinema!

Passport not required.

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