iPhone Pics

Happy January 2nd!

I hope everyone is having a great 2020.

Something that I want to focus on here is the present. Living our best in the moment. To do that I wanted to share some recent iPhone pics that I found on my phone. Enjoy!

Honest Advertising in the West Village, Dec 2019
Meet Lady. My neighbor’s cat I cat sit for when she’s out of town. Dec 2019
When you find good lighting you have to take a picture. It’s the law. Manhattan, Jan 2020
My cute, coffee stained napkin at the Egg Shop. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Dec 2020
Like mother like daughter. SoHo, Dec. 2019

2 thoughts on “iPhone Pics

  1. Ooh I love this idea! A lot times I have all these photos on my phone and never do anything with and never post them on Instagram or FB because I’ve put too much weight on what the caption should say. BUT this is a cool way to tell a story and record memories 🙂

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