Happy New Year!! It’s 2020. Time to party like Gatsby!

A new year is always bittersweet to me because I miss the time that I will never get back. This year is different. This year I get a whole extra day just for me. Finally! A real birthday.

Central Park, New York, NY

A new year, a new decade and a new leap year.

So what am I doing differently this year?

One // Rebrand avintagenomad.com

I started this website almost 6 years ago and have used it, sporadically, as a creative outlet. Whenever I was upset or had an interesting idea or just wanted to share my writing I would post something on here. However, I want to focus on specific ideas and write a blog post a day. That is 366 posts this year! Think I can do it? We will find out.

The focus will be my life in New York City. I will write about coffee, film, literature, lifestyle, travel, and my favorites for the week. No fluff writing. Just real writing that will encourage you to live life to the fullest.

Two // Redefine Goals

This year I am not setting goals. Instead I am focusing on my lifestyle. What am I doing everyday that is helping or hindering me becoming the best version of myself. I already have my 101 goals in 1001 days so I will continue working through those.

Last year, I gave up soda and was successful. I will continue no soda for this year and add fries to my list. Goals are great, but living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle is more important.

Three // Rethink “I”

I want to quit saying “I.” This year I want to make choices that give me joy and focus on what is best for me. HOWEVER, I want to quit using “I” language. In our narcissistic and self-absorbed world it is easier than ever to focus on ourselves. I think. I want. I need. Instead let’s turn our language around and focus on the greater good.

What will you do with your leap year, besides help me celebrate my real birthday?

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