Thanksgiving Recap

Happy December from New York City!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with friends or family. This was my first Thanksgiving in the city and my first Thanksgiving without my mom or any family. It was different, but it was one of the sweetest and most memorable.

7 am – I joined a friend of mine and her friends to watch the 93rd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I had never met her friends before and they were great to include me in their plans. If I’m in a crowd for too long I get antsy, so after a while I left the group and went to my apartment to cook.

Mid-morning to afternoon – The majority of the day. I spent watching Netflix and baking an apple pie. I also made homemade cranberry sauce and rolls (courtesy of TJ), all of which were my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.

3pm – On my way uptown, with my Thanksgiving goodies in tow, I stopped by my neighbor’s apartment to feed her cat while she was visiting her family. Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers do get to know their neighbors. Some of them anyway; although, people say it’s because I’m from the South and can make friends with a tree.

4pm – After I got to my friend’s house, we took their dogs for a stroll in Central Park and then went back to their place for a truly divine Thanksgiving dinner. Steak, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and Brussels sprouts! Afterward dinner we enjoyed apple pie and watched, on repeat, a clip of the lady getting knocked down by a balloon at the parade.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my first Thanksgiving in NYC. I debated whether to write this post because I feel as though I am terribly boring right now. If my experience is too boring for you, enjoy my absolute FAVORITE clip about Thanksgiving. Interestingly enough, this was filmed in Zabars that is located just down the street from my apartment.

New York City really does bring everyone together. There are moments of loneliness and I find myself exploring more on my own and spending time with myself. HOWEVER, New Yorkers have showed me the world is full of good people. I’m so thankful for all of the invitations I had to spend time with my friends and their families during the holiday. It restored my faith in true friendship.

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