Friday Favorites

This week I decided to do something different for my Friday Favorites. While I’ve been Marie Kondo – ing my house, I’ve been going through all of my childhood memorabilia. I have come to the conclusion that the 90s was the best decade to become a person. From the books, movies, shows, and candy, the 90s was where it all happened.

Although there were several shows I watched as a 90s child, there were five shows that I would buy just to recreate the joys of my childhood. So take a moment and go back in time to 90s Megan and picture to-my-waist French braided brunette waves, white Keds, and a TV tray with my mom’s famous spaghetti. Ready? Here we go.

One // The Torkelsons

A mom and five kids, plus Border Hodges, what else could you want? The Torkelsons was a show about a single mom in the South raising five kids with a border that lived with them, Mr. Hodges. The Torkelsons wouldn’t have made it in today’s world, but I loved them. I always could relate to the oldest of the clan, Dorothy Jane, because she had an eccentric Southern single mom as well.

Two// Growing Pains

Kirk Cameron. I repeat Kirk Cameron. He was the coolest, hippest big brother of all time. Or at the time I thought so. Although Growing Pains did start in the 80s, I got the tail end of it in the early 90s, when I watched the reruns that starred a young Leo DiCaprio. Mike, Carol, and Ben were the best part of the show.

Three // Full House

Full House was my jam growing up. Every Tuesday night I would ask to watch “Michelle.” Two uncles, a dad, an aunt, three sisters, and a golden retriever, all under one house. How cool is that?! I didn’t know at the time, but the oldest sister, D.J., was the real-life little sister of Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains. But let’s get real it was all about Uncle Jesse.

Four // ER

This may not have been a typical show for a 90s kid to watch, but I watched shows with my mom too. Although there were scenes I didn’t watch if they were too graphic, you can never go wrong having George Clooney, a fellow Kentuckian, as your ER doctor.

Five // Early Edition

This was by far one of my favorite 90s shows. A guy starts randomly getting tomorrow’s newspaper today and he has 24-hours to make everything right. I remember in one of my favorite episodes he has to save two people at the same time and struggling to do both. He doesn’t know how he was chosen to get the ‘early edition,’ but he eventually has to quit his job in order to save Chicago every 24-hours.

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