Traveling Coffee

Not all who wonder are lost. Most of them are just looking for coffee.

I’ve recently become a traveling coffee junkie. That’s right folks. Those little coffee trailers you see roaming from place to place setting up in various locations and caffeinating the general populous. I had seen enough cool pictures on Instagram to get out and see what the hype was all about.

Conclusion: any way to get more caffeine in me is the way to go. Although coffee on wheels is just like any other coffee shop, there are good coffee shops and not so good coffee shops. I would definitely do a quick search for local coffee on wheels and see what the locals say. However, trying new coffee is half the fun. So don’t miss out on something new just from one bad review.

Last week I tried two coffee trucks. The one pictured above I found the first week they were opened. The Bouncing Bean was offering a special their first week of buy one get one free drink. How could I pass this up?

I tried a latte and a hot chocolate. And they did not disappoint. Quality espresso was key. They had good prices and friendly service. The owner, Andrew, was happy to answer any questions we had. Of the two I tried I can definitely say this one was my favorite.

Although I enjoyed trying the other, I would not recommend it. I encourage you to get out and try the local coffee trucks in your area this week. Not only does it support local businesses, but it is fun to try new things, even if they aren’t your favorite.

Until next time folks, my advice is to drink your coffee slower in order to savor every sip.


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