2018: Cutting the (Starbucks) Apron Strings

As 2019 is speeding steadily before me, I am reminded of how 2018 was full of moments that got me to where I am today. As cliche as a blogger can be, I’d like to show my favorite moments of 2018. Last year was the year of endings in order to have new beginnings. It was one of most tiring years I’ve ever lived. One thing remained the same: I drank a lot of coffee. So without being a usual narcissistic blogger, I’ll recap my big moments from 2018.

jan // home

It has been a year since I’ve been home. And I’m okay with that. Home has a few good memories, but I’m busy making new ones.

feb-march // New York City

As Mark Twain said, “Make your mark in New York, and you are a made man.” For my birthday last year I went on a fun getaway trip to the city. However, the true purpose was to see what possibilities the city had for me. Conclusion: a lot.

april // the month of no rest

This was my most tiring month I have ever lived. By this time I had been working one, full-time management position and one part time job for over a year. As well as taking 18 hours in order to graduate. I didn’t sleep much or eat right. Somehow I managed to still make lattes, write papers, and talk coherently. But all of my hard work paid off….


FINALLY!!! In May I graduated with my BA in Strategic Communication. All those late nights and early mornings and stress acne paid off. Look out world!

summer // who am I?

The rest of the summer I worked a lot, hiked a lot, went to the lake a lot, and saw every movie that hit theaters. It was fun, busy, and tiring. Trying to enjoy this time and everything in between.

fall // 12 state mother-daughter road trip

12 states. 7 days. Endless cups of coffee. One mother. One daughter. And an open road. Our final destination was Maine and we squeezed in every state in between on a fully caffeinated road trip. We hit every coffee shop we could on the East Coast and our best moment was accidentally driving through a toll booth. My bad New York. Thanks for the bill.

December // Cut the Starbucks apron strings

Five years. For five years I closed and opened Starbucks. For five years I made customers half-caf, no foam, no whip, whole milk, 180 degree white mocha. And STIRRED. It was an incredible experience and it taught me a lot. All the while giving me fodder for my future writing. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

December pt 2 // Celebrated 2 years of dating the SAME person

In December, I also celebrated 2 years of dating my fellow ex-barista. Coffee and movies is what brought us together. I introduced him to Casablanca and All the President’s Men and he convinced me to step outside of my cinematic comfort zone to watch movies that keep me up at night. Here’s to many more years of flannel lattes and rainy hikes.

2019 // New Year Same Me but kinda cooler

So now, my dear readers, we have spent enough time in the past, it is time to look into the new year. This coming year I am focusing on blogging and writing. Please join me as I share with you all my new adventures. I am also taking this year to contribute to the world of YouTube on a regular basis. Coffee, travel, film, goals, books, family, friends, and anything new and quirky in between are just a few things I will share.

Would love to know your goals for 2019!

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