It’s Fall Y’all

As much as I love a change in seasons, I feel as though this year I am particularly looking forward to fall. I can’t wait for chili and boots and scarves and pumpkin pie. Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains adds a special ambiance to the season. However, this year it is more than that. This year it is about shedding the dead parts of my life.

For the past few weeks I have felt a heaviness like something was weighing me down. It was a feeling of constant tiredness, regardless of how much sleep I had (I don’t get much sleep anyway so that didn’t help). Coffee didn’t help. My books didn’t help. My passions seemed distant, out of my reach. I realized that it had been six months since my college graduation and where was I now: holding on to the things that I need to let go.

“…and all at once summer collapsed into fall.” – Oscar Wilde

Unlike spring, which is about new life flourishing, fall is about letting go of the old life. I am ready to shed habits, friendships, and material possessions that are the last few leaves on a tree trying to hold on, yet in the end they must let go. It is not something to mourn, it is for a chance at a new start.

Over the next few weeks of fall I plan to do just that. I am letting go of friendships that have died a long time ago. I am getting rid of material posessions that no longer give me joy. And I am letting go of any negativity that may present itself. My life is going to change in the coming year and I need to get ready now.

I already know my passion in life: writing screenplays. It is time to get rid of whatever it is that is hindering me. Does anyone else need to shed the old to make room for the new? I would like to hear your thoughts.  Please comment below and let me know how you are fulfilling your passion.

Until next time don’t forget to eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.


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