The Book

I often wish there was a book that recorded every moment I entered someone’s mind

I’ve always thought I was invisible and time and time it held true, but sometimes I wonder if maybe someone noticed me and made a place for me in their mind

Did a girl ever look at me and wish to emulate my style?

Did a boy ever think how he’d love to marry me if only I’d say yes?

Did a former teacher ever wonder what  I was up to now?

Did someone ever see me and think that’s a girl I’d like to know?

I wonder what the book would say of all my enemies who have thought I don’t like her just because she has something I have not

I wonder if anyone thought I’d like to get lost in her blue eyes and uncover what they hide and if it takes a lifetime I’ll take it in stride

I wonder if I ever made someone’s day or made them cry

I wonder if someone has stayed up late with thoughts of me and wonder if I’m thinking of them too

Did someone ever look at me and hope one day their daughter looks the same?

Did a boy ever stare at me and want to kiss me in the rain?

Or did he ever see me out and want to know my name?

Sometimes I wonder if I enter anyone’s mind at all

Or maybe I’m just supposed to record what’s in my mind so others can read all the things they don’t know I’ve watched while I took up space

The crazy writer girl observes it all; I watch and see and think and write. There’s nothing that has escaped my eye

And that’s the thing that makes it hard: I know it all before the others; I can feel things that go unnoticed, but they never want me to reveal the secrets that I know or how I really feel

They act like they do but if I try it comes out all wrong and then I’m left to wonder why I didn’t keep it to myself

I wonder if I ever made it from someone’s mind to their heart and at each mention of my name their heart strings grow thin from the strain

I hope that I’ve made a difference and whenever I enter someone’s mind they remember how much I loved and cared for them even more than they knew

But if I could read a book that recorded every moment that I entered someone’s mind maybe I’d find blank pages like the space when I’m gone

2 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I love this! I have a second job of driving school bus and will be changing routes soon. I wondered if the kids will miss me or think of me. I haven’t known them long. I taught one a song that I was taught in jr high (20 or so years ago) Did I help them any?? Who knows…


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