101 Goals in 1001 Days

It is Saturday, July 10, 2021. 1001 days have passed since I wrote this post.

What have I accomplished? Where have I visited? What am I doing? The following is a list of 101 goals I have set for myself in 1001 in days. Inspired by Mackenzie over at Design Darling  I want to see as much as I can and write about it. Hopefully this list will keep my focused and inspired. Enjoy reading; however, I would love to hear about your own. Drop me a line and I will post a link along with my own.

1. Read all of the books I already own // Hi. My name is Meg and I am a bookaholic. I own dozens of books I have yet to read for various reasons. No more. I am reading what I have before I buy more (I am not doubting I can do this, you are).

2. Take daily vitamins

3. Learn to rest // I tend to go at one speed: fast. Rest is important for the mind, body, and soul.

4. Run a half-marathon

5. Grow an herb garden 

6. Learn to successfully meal-prep healthful meals

7. Get 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel and blog

8. Learn to ice skate

9. Earn my Master’s degree

10. Get an article published in a major newspaper and/or magazine

11. Use eye cream on a nightly basis // I smile too much and it shows

12. Have a coffee date with my Instagram best friend // I have an Instagram best friend in Arizona, but we have never met. Her friendship means so much that one day I hope to fly out and meet her

13. Sell a screenplay // I have started several screenplays, yet have not finished one

14. Get a stamp in my passport // I have had a passport for a decade and even had to renew one, yet have still not been able to travel outside of my own country. As a wanderer suffering from wanderlust I must travel

15. Write the story of me

16. Spend a month in Hawaii 

17. Travel to all 50 states // I have been to several states (including Alaska)  in my life but they are all on my list.

Alabama       Hawaii      Massachusetts      New Mexico        South Dakota

Alaska            Idaho        Michigan              New York             Tennessee

Arizona         Illinois       Minnesota            North Carolina    Texas

Arkansas       Indiana     Mississippi            North Dakota       Utah

California      Iowa           Missouri               Ohio                      Vermont

Colorado        Kansas       Monatana            Oklahoma            Virginia

Connecticut  Kentucky    Nebraska             Oregon                Washington

Deleware      Louisiana    Nevada                 Pennsylvania      West Virginia

Florida          Maine         New Hampshire  Rhode Island       Wisconsin

Georgia         Maryland   New Jersey           South Carolina    Wyoming

18. Spend Christmas at a soup kitchen

19. Write a note to the people in my life that have impacted me the most 

20. Put all of my family videos/ slides on digital files

21. Visit the country my family originated (Ireland)

22. Learn to better identify my emotions 

23. Hold babies in an orphanage for a day

24. Make everyone I meet feel important and visible 

25. Improve my writing on a daily basis 

26. Write a movie review for every movie I see // I usually see almost every movie that hits the theater and it seems it would be a waste not to share with other film lovers what to expect

27. Learn to better love others without expecting anything in return 

28. Live in New York City for a year 

29. Make a Day-In-My-Life video for my YouTube channel

30. Host a traditional English tea // My mom and I used to do this all the time and I’ve missed it.

31. Take advantage of my current gym membership // go at minimum of 3x’s a week

32. Genuinely smile

33. Finish decorating my apartment

34. Have a Marvel Marathon in chronological order 

35. Hire a financial planner 

36. Become a better rock-climber 

37. Learn to drive a stick // I know how I just wouldn’t trust myself to drive on the street with other cars and people

38. Bake my granny’s Christmas cookies for my family

39. Get an eye exam // I haven’t found a new eye doctor since I moved away 2 years ago

40. Dentist check up // It is impossible to continue going home for appt.

41. Buy @WarbyParker glasses

42. Have a fondue dinner in my new apartment for my friends and family

43. See at least 2 concerts 

44. Get global entry and TSA pre-check 

45. Order business cards 

46. Update my LinkedIn account 

47. Paint a mural on my wall

48. Sketch, paint, or draw at least 3/ wk.

49. Go camping // I’ve missed rural camping

50. Take a weekend trip to my birthplace (Knoxville) // I haven’t been home in years

51. Eat at the French Market again (Knoxville) 

52. Have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s in New York

53. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge // A blizzard stopped me last time

54. Subscribe to the New York Times // I just read free copies at coffee shops

55. Get my grandma’s wedding dress preserved

56. Organize all of my family photos and documents 

57. Faithfully observe Lent // I used to when I was younger but haven’t lately

58. Organize all of my books // I have over 500 from my childhood, college, etc.

59. Hike a 14er in Colorado

60. Attend a blogger event 

61. Attend a writing conference 

62. Attend a screenplay workshop

63. Make freezer jam

64. Take a road trip to Maine in the fall  (November 1, 2018)

65. Attempt to SUP

66. Attempt to surf 

67. Write a blog series on film 

68. Write a blog series on the South 

69. Write a blog series on Gilmore Girls 

70. Interview my mom

71. Interview a First Lady

72. Learn to make steak like my grandpa

73. Have my grandma teach me to be a better seamstress

74. Take a spur-of-the-moment trip to another country for the weekend

75. Make a YouTube video of coffee shops

76. Actually print pictures from my phone and frame 

77. Be a guest on a radio show

78. Start my own company // I already have a couple of plans. Need financial backing

79. Hand-write Christmas cards // I miss this tradition my mom and I had

80. Make a cooking video inspired by Julie Child for my YouTube channel

81. Learn a new word a week and use it my writing/ speaking 

82. Dust off my guitar and play

83. Crochet a WHOLE blanket, not just my usual scarf 

84. Watch an entire tv series besides Gilmore Girls 

85. Always be myself 

86. Get my concealed carrying license 

87. Host another Godfather marathon (my boyfriend has never seen them, gasp)

88. Read Four Presidential Biographies // I love Presidential trivia, want to make sure I get my facts straight

89. Go on a double date with my mom // She’s single (hint hint)

90. Bake something new once a month // I love to bake

91. Get up at 5:30 am (willingly, and not just for work) for 30 days

92. Write and illustrate a children’s book

93. Sleep in a hammock 

94. Dance in the rain

95. Get 8 hours of sleep every night of one week (hopefully more)

96. Take a cross-country road trip of America

97. Learn to say thank you when someone compliments me instead of downplaying it

98. Inspire someone else to write their own list 

99. Encourage everyone I can 

100. Finish this list in 1001 days 

101. Be thankful every single day for my life 

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